Tuesday, December 14, 2010

4 days!!!!

I am getting married in 4 days. That is amazing to me. It seems like I have dreaming of this day my whole life. I went to see the chapel and the reception place and they are gorgeous for Christmas. I think it's going to be the wedding of my dreams. What's just as wonderful is that Blane is almost as excited as I am. I went and picked up my dress today and it is amazing. I have much more going on but I'm tired and my head is swimming. So, possibly later I can string sentences together. Oh and Blane is on his way here!!!!! I can't wait to see him.

Until then.....
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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Music is Hard to Pick Out

Today is 25 days until I wed my best friend. We are both extremely excited. I've been tying up loose ends, writing papers, finishing projects at work, and dreaming of Jamaica. There is one (kind of big) thing that I haven't done yet: pick out music. I haven't done this for 2 reasons: 1) I delegated this job to Blane in July, 2) It is hard. Obviously Blane didn't take to his project or I wouldn't be worrying about it. I need songs for the following things (feel free to comment and suggest):
  • Bridesmaids and Groomsmen walking down the isle (together)
  • Bride walking down the isle
  • Candle lighting
  • Songs to play while guests are entering/leaving
  • Songs for the reception
Other things I have left to do:
  • Make programs
  • Find rehearsal dress
  • Finish centerpieces
  • Assemble favors
  • Decorate bubbles
That's all I can think of right now. I am sure there is more. I will be done with finals 2 weeks from today, assuming I get my take-home one done early. Then, I will be flying to Little Rock and riding with Mary Kathryn to Fayetteville for my bachelorette party. I can't wait (and I don't have to for much longer).
From there, I am going to watch Darbs in her first dance recital and then going home with my parents to wait out my last week as a single lady.
I'm antsy but really have a lot to focus on between now and then not related to the wedding.

There are so many things I am excited about for December 18th.
  1. First and foremost marrying Blane (he's pretty neat)
  2. Wearing my pretty dress and cape
  3. Getting to see people I haven't seen in awhile
  4. Getting all dressed up
  5. My cake
  6. Blane's cake
  7. Our first dance
  8. Taking a picture with our niece and nephews
  9. Seeing my girls in their bm dresses (because I haven't seen any of them)
  10. Going on our honeymoon
  11. Coming back for Christmas
  12. Snow (hopefully)
  13. Darby's dress and shoes
  14. Walking down the isle with my daddy
  15. Walking the other way with my husband
  16. Giving the girls their bm gifts
  17. Wrapping the gifts
  18. Getting ready all day
  19. Getting a mani/pedi the day before
  20. Getting to spend so much uninterrupted time with Blane
  21. Seeing the chapel full of our family and friends
  22. Getting to the reception and it being all pretty and decorated
  23. Crying happy tears
  24. Having pretty pictures to decorate our home with
  25. Gaining two nephews
  26. Father/daughter dance
  27. My sister's toast (because I have to say mine was pretty good at her's)
  28. Hugs
  29. Seeing Blane in his tux
  30. Celebrating our love and just celebrating in general
I could go on and on, but I won't. I can't believe it's almost here. These next two weeks need to go by fast so I can bask in wedding bliss.


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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I should just give into it

Christmas, that is. You all know how much I love the holiday. However, I grew up with the belief (thanks Momma) that you do not decorate until after Thanksgiving. Contradicting that is where i grew up: Branson. Christmas season officially begins on November 1st. This is most likely because people don't spend insane amounts of money on Thanksgiving. I liked it, though, because it made the season last a long, long time. Obviously I have been in the Christmas mood because I ordered the stockings, but today was my off of school day and I ran errands (gross). I happened into Hobby Lobby for some wedding stuff and saw that the wreaths are on sale. Well, as I so boldly stated in an earlier post I am only hanging a wreath this year and not putting up a tree. I, however, did not have a wreath because they are expensive and every year I have talked myself out it. So, I scoured the store and found 2 acceptable $50 wreaths on sale for $25. They were both pretty but nothing special. So, I asked some random lady's opinion (because my mom was not with me) on which one to get. She wasn't struck by either but said that one of them would be really pretty if I added stuff to it. Well, I was already going to spend $25. I didn't want to spend another $20 trying to make it pretty. So, I decided to make my own. It turned out great and I only spent $25!! Well, actually I spent $30, but I had some stuff leftover that I'm going to use to wrap presents with. I hung the wreath up intending to leave it up for the duration of the holiday season, but I just couldn't let myself do it. To make myself feel better I wrapped some presents. Do not judge me.

Blane probably won't notice nor care, but I love it!!!!! Speaking of Blane, and staying on the subject of round things. No one made a guess on my last blog, but Blane gave me my ring for my birthday!!! It's gorgeous and fabulous and everything I wanted in a ring. No, I'm not including a picture. It's one of those things I think you need to see in person. Sorry. If you really, really think you need to see it in picture form, send me a message and I will email it to you.

Have a lovely rest of the week!
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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Check, Check

Blane got to check 2 things off of his present list in the last few days. Any guesses to which?

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50 Days

For the rest of my life, my birthday and anniversary will be 50 days apart. I think that's neat.

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Christmas kind of day

Last year, Blane commented on my silver and turquoise Christmas decorations (in a negative manner). He requested that we make the switch to more traditional colors, when we got married. Well, I am not going to actually put up a tree this year. I know, shock just went round the world. However, I am leaving to go to my parents' for the wedding on December 9th, and Blane and I won't return until the 27th. I am going to decorate, though. So, I thought it would be a great time to ease into the red/green decorations, since I wouldn't have to buy everything at once. So, I bought new stockings!!!!!! The kicker is when I told Blane I did this and why, he didn't remember telling me that. Oh well, I was ready for a change anyway. By the way, I don't know how to rotate on Blogger. Sorry!
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Take Note to the Right --------------------->

It's 200 days until I graduate!! Instead of stressing me out because I need a job, plan, etc..... It really just excites me. Celebrate with me.

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Friday, October 22, 2010

Things I Need.

In case you come across something or are in the mood to google, I still need the following things for my wedding:
1) Rehearsal dinner dress. I think I'm going to go with this one: http://www.sundancecatalog.com/product/womens+clothing/womens+dresses/womens+short+dresses/cross+country+dress.do?sortby=ourPicks
2) A cape or jacket to wear over my dress. I am thinking about this one: http://www.etsy.com/listing/59559235/faux-fur-winter-wedding-cape-capelet
3) Earrings. They need to be clip on (I can't wear real ones) and not tacky looking. Also, they need to not be very expensive because I don't wear earrings (because I can't) often.
4) Under-the-dress-essentials (as theknot.com puts it). I don't need help with this. I just haven't completed it.
5) Something old, new, and borrowed. My garter is blue.
6) Toasting glasses.
7) Navy and/or silver guest book and pen. I thought I had this under control, but I don't.
8) Wedding bands. We are going to look on Saturday.

I'm sure there is more, but that's all I can come up with right now. I have a list at home, of course.

Thoughts? Ideas?

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Christmas Shopping

I'm done. Have been for a few weeks. Yes, I know this is annoying for some people and makes others mad. However, I am wedding my bff 7 days prior to the holiday. So, I had to get even more of a head start this year. I think Blane has a love/hate feeling about me being done.
Love: He doesn't have to go shopping with me or sit through my dialog with myself weighing pros and cons of what to get everyone.
Hate: He is not done with the one person he has to buy for. He also does not have my birthday present (next Friday) or to my knowledge a ring.
Therefore, my holiday preparedness is no longer going to be spoken of until he gets caught up. I made him feel bad in front of his co-workers the other day. Not my intent. I apologize, Blane. I love you. :)

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Blane's 20

Well, Mod A is over, finals are done and we are on to Mod B. I hope the next 7 weeks go by quickly. Exactly 7 weeks from right now I will be in Little Rock with Mary Kathryn anticipating my bachelorette party the next day. But alas, I have a lot of school between now and then. Which, brings us to the current moment: I am putting off writing a paper. So, I'm going to attempt Blane's 20 things that I hinted I might try during finals weeks. One more thing before I dive in, I had my first bridal shower last weekend! It was really fun and wonderful. We are very blessed and received some wonderful gifts. Next week is my birthday and our couples shower in Quitman. My parents are coming down for both occasions and we are excited! Now, on to the fun:

Blane's 20
1) He can't remember which towel is his. At my parents' house Blane cannot remember which "color" towel he is and has multiple times suggested that they get him a blue towel for Blane. Green for Gibson seems to not be successful.
2) He leaves lights on unnecessarily.
3) He puts unfinished drinks in the refrigerator and forgets about them. I usually end up knocking them over and being irritated.
4) He only reads non-fiction.
5) It doesn't matter what he eats for dinner; he immediately wants something sweet.
6) He LOVES little kids; they love him equally. Kids and Blane have a mutual admiration for each other. He connects with them on a level that I have never seen from anyone else.
7) He likes chick flicks. He also loves very manyly movies.
8) He hates tomatoes.
9) He does not eat condiments: butter, mustard, syrup, etc..... with the exception of ketchup, which he will eat on almost anything. He even eats waffles and pancakes dry.
10) The first year I knew Blane he kept his hs football jersey on his footboard so he wouldn't forget where he came from.
11) His default response is yeah. If I ask him a question and he is not listening whatsoever, he will answer yeah. Sometimes, I pretend like I don't notice and take his answer to heart. lol.
12) He is not a touchy feely guy and would rather kiss me than hug me.
13) He is the most competitive person I have ever met. He will slam a tennis ball down my throat and not feel bad about it!!!! hahaha
14) He is put off by patterns. He will always, always choose a solid color to wear for himself or for me to wear.
15) He will not drink anything without ice.
16) He is bluntly honest and not afraid to tell me when he doesn't like something.
17) He is the worst person ever at answering his phone/returning calls and texts.
18) He prefers white cake with white icing...I think it's not a cake without chocolate.
19) There are whole food ethnicities that  Blane "doesn't like" because he hasn't had them before (ex. Japanese, Italian, etc). I consider that to be unexposed.
20) He focuses on one thing at a time, which is hard for my multi-tasking mind to comprehend. He does this for almost every aspect of his life. Ex: he will listen to the same song over and over and over again for about a month and then move on to a different one.

I love Blane more than anything and I hope this makes you all realize he is (almost) as weird as I am.

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I'm Boring

Really, I am. I am also extremely busy. I have, multiple times, meant to write blogs but there are 2 problems: 1) I'm boring 2) I'm busy
For those of you looking for a wedding update, here it is:
BM Dresses-check
FG Dress-check
Groom's cake-check (listed separately because they are from 2 different people)
The list can go on, and on, and on. If you don't believe me, I can send you a screenshot of my checklist on theknot.com. Basically, all I have left is little stuff that is time consuming. But, I am getting there! :)

However, that is not the point of this blog. I am going to do the 20 things you may not know about me. (Yes, I know it's a boring topic that everyone has done and there is a chance you will know at least some of them.)

1) I whole-heartedly believe that cake is better in cup form.
2) I cannot function in a mess (at least not longer than a day).
3) I plan out my list of what to purchase for Christmas presents starting in the spring.
4) I budget to shop "big" twice a year. Christmas, Vicki 08/16, Cade 08/31, Braxten 09/23, Darby 10/02, Conner 11/18, Mom 11/20, Dad 01/24, Blane 02/10, Meghan 02/21, Valentine's Day (and now our anniversary) gifts all get planned out and purchased Septemberish. Mother's day, father's day, and the rest of the birthdays get purchased Aprilish.
5) I love crunchy things and one of the reasons Blane and I work so well is that he likes the center of the Pop-Tart and I like the crust.
6) I persuaded myself to like peanut butter just within the last year.
7) I shower in the dark.
8) Leaving things unfinished bothers me so much to the core that I cannot function until I finish.
9) I am the opposite of a hoarder. I throw things away too easily, especially when I have to pack and move them. Once when I was young my mom caught me throwing change away because I didn't want to move it to a new house.
10) I do not snooze in the morning. I can't go back to sleep after the alarm goes off.
11) I do not enjoy wearning pants and certainly not shorts. I never have.
12) I make decisions (excluding where to go for dinner) quickly. This has been a beneficial trait in wedding planning.
13) Packing is my least favorite thing to do ever. Followed closely by interviewing/looking for a job.
14) I can barely force myself to consume a drink without a straw. I prefer the bendy variety.
15) I own a lot of pink and purple items, not only because I prefer these colors, but also because my mom typically purchases pink/purple for me and blue/green for Meghan. She often determines (still to this day) if she should buy us something based on if these colors are available.
16) I enjoy holidays more than any other person I know (probably more than any person you know either), including small children. I enjoy giving and wrapping presents as much (at least) as I do getting them.
17) I did not know this until recently but I convert everything into a countdown. I have done this all of my life, (I remember calculating the number of hours until Chrismas morning when I was 5) but until Carolyn Combs pointed this out recently, I did not realize it. In honor of this, I am adding a count down for her to the blog.
18) I obsessively plan....everything. Blane will be glad to tell you that I need to chill out. I feel completely unhinged without a plan. This is something I need to work on.
19) I don't know how to study. I have gone (almost) all the way through undergraduate and graduate school and still have no idea how to study. I'm sure you think I am exaggerating, but it takes me 3 hours of time wasting to be able to spend 1 hour of semi-productive study time. I cannot complete the 1 hour without first spending the 3 hours.
20) I have a ridiculous memory. I remember specific facts for years to come, especially if I can associate it with a number or remember it visually. It is an unfair advantage I have over Blane, especially when we are having a spat. My first phone number (that I haven't had since I was 11) was 417.546.4213 (4 minus 2 plus 1 = 3).

Yes, I'm weird. I embrace it.
Maybe during my hours of time wasting when I'm studying for finals this weekend I will do a 20 things for Blane. I believe it will be equally fun.

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Saturday, August 14, 2010

THE dress

Well, I had been trying to avoid worrying, but the bottom line is that I was frantic about being able to get the dress that I hadn't yet found and fallen in love with, that was in my budget, ordered and into the store and altered and ready to go with only 4 months left. Anyone who knows anything about weddings knows that it often takes 4-5 months to get dresses in. I already knew this (because I had done my research of course) but people found the need to continue to remind me of that fact. So, last Friday my mom, all my anxiety, and I loaded up in the Tahoe and went to the first of 3 dress appointments I had scheduled for the 5 days I was to be in the area. I had already searched with my best friend Mary Kathryn, just to figure out what type of dress looked and fit best on me. So, I had completely readjusted my "ideal" wedding dress image and ended up with a deep desire for a dress that I would have never, ever thought to pick in my wildest dreams. I had but one picture with me for this dress appointment, and my heart fell when the lady said that they didn't have it in their samples to try on. I tried to be mature and proceeded to tell her the parts of the dress that I couldn't compromise about and hoped that she would have some dresses that I could work with. Well, she pulled out a dress that was the first one I tried on that looked almost identical to the picture I had brought her. 3 differences: different designer, a little less expensive!, and the back was a little different. I loved it from the moment I put it on. However, my mom hadn't been with me to try on any dresses before. So, just to make sure, I tried on 3 more dresses that made my cut. 1 was awful, 1 was moderately ok, and the 3rd was gorgeous. I was in a conundrum. This other dress was exactly up the alley I thought I would go, when I started dreaming in white (or ivory because white looked weird on me). The only thing to do was to try the first one back on. I automatically knew which one I had to have: the first one. Well, 2 of my problems were solved: a dress I'm in love with that's in my budget. I still had to get it ordered and into the store and altered before mid-December. Well, my heart fell again when she told me it wasn't possible. However, the dress I had on happened to be in my size, in the shade I wanted, and had never been tried on before, because they had just gotten it into the store. So, they sold it to me. My dress is safe and sound in the alteration department of the dress store, waiting for me to come in November to get it altered.
It was perfect, and I am in love and no longer frantic.
The End.

P.S. there is no picture or link attached because Blane reads this
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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Date Has Been Saved

Well most everyone has received their save-the-dates! I got mine in the mail yesterday (I think it is very silly that I had to order one for myself)! I was very pleased with them. They were very simple and to the point. Blane was also pleased with them and we went to mail box together to look at it. It was exciting! Blane actually picked the picture we decided to use. There were multiple ones that I liked and so we went with his favorite.
I'm going this Friday to look at dresses, with my momma! I am going to my parents' for the baby shower that I am throwing for my sister, but since I am going to be there, I'm trying pack in lots of wedding stuff into 5 days. By this time next week, I should have the cake person nailed down, my dress ordered, and the photography contract signed. There isn't a lot of big stuff left after that. Mainly, we need to book our honeymoon and Blane needs to apply for his passport. From here, it is all little stuff that won't be so overwhelming. It's hard to believe that I have only been planning this for a month.Oh the other thing I have to do is find a sound system. We weren't planning on hiring a DJ, but the reception place doesn't have a sound system. So, we are having to re-think how the music is going to work. I sure hope we figure out something!

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Well, Ok It's Official

I'm getting married. Most people knew this already. It's not a shocking update. However, I am getting married in 149 days. That is news. So, here's what happened.
Blane and I had decided in March that we would like to get married next Memorial Day Weekend, for a multitude of reasons. First, we love each other (duh). Second, I was graduating two weeks prior to that, and I could put off starting a new career until after. Third, we have a lot of people in our families that are employed by a school district, and this would be after school let out next year. Fourth, if you didn't revolve around the school year, it would be a long weekend that guests could enjoy and not be so rushed to get back to work. It was logical and well thought out and practical and we were both on board with it. We had tentatively planned to look at a few venues, while we were at my parents' for the 4th. But as we were not quite engaged yet, we weren't doing any serious planning. I emailed the owners of the chapel we liked the next Tuesday, just to get some specifics. Long story short: the chapel we fell in love with was booked. Our premium, perfect date was taken. So, after spending an entire half of a day being very, very sad. We picked another date; booked. And another, and another, and another......you get the picture. 10 dates. All booked up. So, I finally said just tell me the dates it's not booked, and we will go from there. We were left with December 18th, May 7th, and September 3rd. I didn't want to wait until September 3rd, and it's hot. May 7th is excatly 2 days after my last final and exactly 7 days before I graduate.
We are getting married December 18th. At this place: http://www.integrityhills.com/, with a reception at this place: http://www.murderrock.com/.
Why hadn't I already posted this? Why hadn't I let the blogging world know? Well, I don't know if you remember (from earlier in the post) but as of July 4th weekend, there had not been a proposal; no ring had been purchased; we were not engaged. So, I had envisioned to keep it on the dl until this happened, but that ended up not working too well. Mainly because we both have mother's and families that proceeded to tell every person that they had ever even thought about knowing. So, here I am announcing it to the world. Don't feel like I have been hiding it. I promise, I have not. I, too, have told a lot of people. I. Am. SO. Incredibly. Excited. Just ask Blane. Because I only have a few months to plan this, I have been overwhelming him with questions and he gets to a point, everyday, where he says that I have to stop.
I have a lot more information on my wedding and how much I am enjoying planning it and that the anticipation of marrying the love of my life and best friend is about to make me explode in joy. But, I am out of time and have to run. I will post soon, with more links and pictures.

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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

America, America

So, June has come and almost gone. In 2 days, I will be half-way done with my internship. I am enjoying it a lot. I love the people and the projects I work on. If all continues to go well, I might get to work part-time through the school year and maybe even (cross your fingers) get a full-time offer, when I graduate. But for now, I am just embracing my summer experience.
This weekend we celebrate freedom for our country. I always forget this through the year, but it is one of my favorite holidays. The meaning is wonderful, the colors are great, it's low-stress, I usually find a cute outfit to wear, there are always sales, you can go to the lake, you can cook-out, and I love how pretty fireworks are. My family was typically on vacation over the holiday, when I was growing up. So, past the age of 10, we didn't really buy many fireworks, we just watched the local show wherever we were. However, 4 wonderful years ago, Blane trotted into my life, and this all changed. Blane loves setting off fireworks, and not just small ones. It has become a kind of tradition, accidentally, that he puts on an entire fireworks show for my family. We enjoy it, he enjoys it, we don't have to get anywhere early and worry about finding a spot to sit, food and bathrooms are readily available.......in my opinion its a win-win-win. Some years we do it in my parents' yard and sometimes we take the show on the road to my great-uncle's house. Either way, it's a fun time and I'm really excited about it.
Another thing I'm really excited about is seeing my family!!! I haven't seen them since Easter, and that is really too long. I have never gone that long without seeing them, but Asia, internships, and life got in the way. But no fear, for the next like 6 months I am going to see them at least once a month because of holidays, birthdays, baby showers, babies, etc..... It just warms my heart. I know that I don't actually live that far from them, but it seems like it. I also know that other people live much farther away and don't see their families hardly ever, but that's not me. I need to see them. They are actually my favorite people in the world, besides Blane (which I consider to be part of my family anyway). Anyway, I am excited.
I purchased a 4th of July dress, which is actually just a long t-shirt that I'm going to put leggings under. So, I'm ready to be festive. It's now on sale, which is slightly unfortunate since it wasn't when I bought it. Oh well, I still like it.

If you read my last post, you know that Blane and I celebrated our 4th "anniversary" on June 10th. It wasn't our most successful celebration ever, he didn't like his present and my present is still in-transit. But, I love him more everyday, and that's what's really important.  Blane says my present is a present for both of us and to just return his and we will just share mine. He said it's phenomenal, and since, he was a little late on getting it here, he went a little out of our "low-key" agreement. I'm excited to see what it is. No, people, it is not an engagement ring, I promise.
Did you notice I re-vamped the blog? What do you think?
Anyway, I know this was a boring blog, but nothing is really new and I need to get my creative juices flowing for work. I will let you know what I get and (hopefully) take pictures this weekend AND post them.


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Saturday, June 5, 2010

3....errrr 7 weeks

Well, 3 weeks didn't allow me to breathe, just started my exhaustion. Since those 3 weeks, I have gone to Japan, S. Korea, and China. I came back, went immediately to Blane's parents for a crawfish boil, came home for 2 days, had my final presentation for my Asia trip last Wednesday, immediately flew to Little Rock to help my best friend get ready for her wedding last weekend, came back went to another crawfish boil last Sunday, and started my new internship Tuesday.

I. Am. Tired.

So, as I write this, I am still sitting in bed. This is going to be a long post. So, get on board.

First things first. I finished my semester and had finals and I am officially 1/2 done with my MBA. A countdown has been added to the blog so you can celebrate with me. Asia was amazing. I think I appreciate it more looking back on it than I did when we were actually there. It was remarkably gorgeous, especially Japan. I know you are thinking "Where are the pictures?" Well, I don't have a lot because I kept getting the backs of peoples' heads in the beauty. So, I decided to borrow everyone else's. Ijust haven't had time to download them and save them on my computer. So, I will just phase them into later posts. Deal? Deal.

The order of my preference is: Japan, China, Korea. Japan was the prettiest. Korea was dirty and smelled but was the most memorable. China was kind of in the middle. We had a free day in Japan, but it was a Monday, and as it happens, everything is closed on Mondays in Tokyo. So, we didn't really see much, but we walked A LOT. In Korea, we had the option to go to the DMZ (the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea where there is no military). I am glad I went, because it was very historical. Also, it happened to be Buddah's birthday while we were there, and one of the top 10 things to see in Asia is the Lantern Festival in honor of his birthday. We got to see it our last night there and it was awesome!!!! China is kinda a blur because we didn't have a free day and two of the trips combined for a total of 85 people. We did go to the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai, and that was neato.

But, now I am home and I am very glad. Mom, Meg, and Blane are not eager for me to go away again any time soon.

On to the wedding. It was breathtaking and I have a lot of fun. I realized when the plane was landing in Little Rock (on the way there) how beautiful Arkansas really is. (Not that I'm saying Texas isn't, you crazy loyal Texans). I got to spend a few days with Mary Kathryn getting her prepared for the big day. It was wonderful, because I miss her so much in Texas. It is so hard to find good friends (especially when you are an adult). So, I consider myself lucky to have her. The wedding was pink, pink, and more pink. It reminded me of Steel Magnolias and made me want to say "Mother, my colors are blush and bashful." in a very southern voice. But, I refrained. However, the wedding was up on a mountain (Petit Jean for those of you familiar with Arkansas) and everyone refered to it as "on the mountain" which made me think of the Charlie Daniels song. You know......"fire on the mountain, run boys run....." This song was already top of mind because Blane and I had sang it in the car like a day before I left. I am sad to say (for MK) that I did not refrain from singing it. But anyway, I can't wait to see pictures!

Since I have been back, I have started my internship and I love it. I like the people I work with, the projects I'm working on, and the tone of the office. The only thing I don't like is that it takes me over an hour one-way driving, but that can be overcome.

Blane was in a wedding too! Combined, we have 4 weddings in 6 weeks. It is obviously wedding season. The wedding he was in was right outside of Chicago, and he said it was equally gorgeous. I wasn't able to go with him for two reasons. 1) it was the first week of my internship and I wasn't going to be able to take off 2) the plane tickets were expensive. So, I was sad I missed it, but got to catch up on some much needed sleep.

Sunday we played at the pool and grilled out with some friends. We had a great time, and will probably do it many more times this summer.

Tomorrow is a very special day in Blane and Morgan Land. We started dating on June 10, 2006. So, it will be our 4 year anniversary. We decided to go a little lower-key than we normally do on celebrating and presents. I have no idea what we are doing, but I will update you afterwards. I can't tell you what I got Blane because he reads the blog.

I'm jealous. A good portion of my family on my mom's side is all at the beach together right now have a fabulous time. However, Blane and I will be making the trek to the parentals' for Independence Day here in a few weeks, and I can harldy wait.

Well, I need to be productive.

Sorry it's all over the place.....hopefully I will blog soon.


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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Now that that's out of the way

Now that I have informed you that I am completely a stressball, I can move on to something more interesting.

We had a great time in Branson/Omaha for Easter. We love going to my parents'. We just wish it wasn't such a long trip. I got to spend some much needed time with my mom and dad, and see family that I hadn't seen since July. I also got to spend lots of time with Darby. She never stops talking. Ever. I love it. She had an Easter egg hunt at school a few days before Easter, and she was oh so proud of her eggs that she found. She would say "Sassy, Bane look at my easser eggs." My mom had a big basket of plastic eggs for decoration in the living room, and Blane, playing with Darby, said "See all those eggs? Those are all the ones I found. They're mine." Well Blane just thought it was funny, but Darby took it to heart. I walked downstairs the next morning and she was telling my mom all about Blane's Easter eggs. My poor mother was so confused. So, I explained and we all had a good laugh.

Well, I just found this blog in my drafts and realized that it never got published. I'm not going to take the time to finish it because I am already working on a new one, but please know that this was supposed to be posted the same day as the 3 weeks post.


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3 more weeks until

3 more weeks until I will be half-way done with my MBA.
3 more weeks until I go to Asia.
3 more weeks until I can take a break from studying, homework, and papers.
3 more weeks until I can get a good night's sleep.
3 more weeks until I can breathe.

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Thursday, April 1, 2010

They're a hit

Update: All three pairs of shoes plus the new cleats fit and are liked by my picky boyfriend.



We're about to leave for my parents'. I will post about our adventures, when I get back.

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Boys are funny.

Let me preface this post with I love Blane with all of my heart and he is my favorite person in the entire world (although Darby is a close second).
Ok. That was my disclaimer.

Blane owns approximately 10ish pairs of shoes, but probably only wears 3 of them often.
1) He wears this wonderful pair of Born boots I bought him a year and a half ago every day to work.
2) He wears a pair of red and white Nike Shox I bought for him a year and a half ago when he gets home or with casual clothing.
3) He wears a pair of black and red Croc flip flops around the house (he actually bought these himself).
That's it. Just thinking about the amount of shoes I own or the amount of shoes I wear makes me chuckle (and if you know me very well, you are also chuckling). In fact, this NYE Blane lost $20 because he bet his best friend that the shoes they were looking at in the middle of the floor were not mine and were the friend's girl friend. Bless his heart, it wasn't his fault he was wrong. However, on a completely different point what a silly thing to bet about.
Back to the point. Last week Blane started complaining about his left heel hurting and after a few days, he could barely walk. So, we started trying to figure out why. We replaced his inserts. That didn't help. Then, we thought maybe the cleats he was wearing for his softball league were worn out (because they were from when he played football in college and they were worn out). So, we went to buy him new ones. The weekend came and went and his foot was feeling better. So, I put it out of my mind (as I have told my mom about many subjects, I only have so much worry available to spread around and that wasn't getting any anymore). I get a call from Blane Monday saying nope we were wrong on all accounts. The Born Boots were the culprit (which I had accutally suggested) and they needed to immediately be replaced. Well, I believe I have mentioned in a previous post that I am a great internet shopper. I tend to excell at it while I am in class. Now, I know some of you are sitting there thinking tsk, tsk Morgan hasn't been paying attention in class. However, I promise I cannot concentrate on just one thing. My mind needs to be doing multiple things, or I can't focus.
So, I began the search for new work shoes for Blane. For a lot of people, this would not be a difficult task. Blane wears a size 14. It is hard to find shoes to fit him and can mostly only be done online. Also, Blane happens to be an oddly picky person. He has specific non-flashy tastes and is not willing to waiver from his tastes. So, normally he will find a pair of shoes, fall in love with them, we will search every corner of the internet, and alas, there are none available in a 14. Then, he is unwilling to pick something else. It is a cyclical process and it takes forever. (The same sort of thing happens when we go clothes shopping). Well, I have actually, over the years, found a way to counteract this problem. When he needs to buy shoes, and he asks for my help. I first go to multiple sites, select size 14 and browse until I find multiple items that I like and think Blane will look good in. I then, compare them and weed out the ones I know will be completely ruled out by him. I then, compare them on other factors I think are important. I do this process until I come up with a solid list of 5 or less options that I show him. He picks out his favorite(s) and we order. Ta-da they are shipped and we are done. I know this seems like a lot of work and time put in by me, and not actually Blane, but trust me, I am saving time. If he looked through pages and pages of shoes, he would not find one that he liked in his size, because he would become too hung-up in the shoes that are not in his size.
You can only imagine the struggle over large things, like furniture.
Moral of this story: Blane will be recieving 3 new pairs of shoes in the mail shortly and we are searching for a 4th.
I will let you know what he thinks of them, when they come in.

Next blog teaser: Blane and I are traveling to my parents' for Easter, and I plan on remembering to take pictures of Darby.
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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Well Obviously, I Didn't Blog Over Christmas

I know I promised to blog like crazy over the Christmas break. Well, Christmas has come and gone and so has Spring Break, and alas, no blog. Would you believe my life has been crazy?

I promise, it has. Over Christmas, I got the swine flu (so did Blane) and it took me forever to get better. Then, in the midst of the flu, my lovely little apartment on J Place flooded. I was laying on my bed taking a nap because I was miserably sick, and the apartment wide fire alarms started going off. I looked out my door and it is raining outside my door......interesting since I live on the middle floor. So, I gather up important things (thinking my building is on fire) so I can go to Blane's for awhile and start my dash to the door. By the time I got the the stairwell, there was so much water pouring out, I didn't know if I could get out. But, I did and while standing freezing outside (because my car was blocked by the fire trucks) I learned that it was not a fire at all, but a pipe burst right above my apartment. So, they turned off the water to the building and were allowed to re-enter. I.have.never.seen.such.a.mess. My apartment got the brunt of it, and when I got back in there, there was standing water, water coming through the lights, the electrical outlets, down the walls, basically anywhere there was a hole that it could fit through. (of the best one was the breaker box) Well, that's awful you say? It gets worse and better and then worse again. It just so happens that there was an unknown oil in the water (black) that was all over everything. It also just so happens that my things were minimally damaged!!!! However, my apartment was unliveable. Long story short: they didn't think they had somewhere to move me and I still hadn't got in touch with Blane.
The next day (the day before the start of my spring semester), the leasing office finally gave me somewhere to move. So, I did. I would go to school during the day and move during the night. It took me a week, but I got it done! It's a miracle I didn't fail Mod A.

Moving on......

Blane moved into his own apartment (roommate free) and it is lovely.
This first year of grad school, I have moved twice during the first week of a semester (for me) and once during the weekend before finals (blane). We won't be doing that again :)

I made it through the first Mod of this semester, and now I'm on the last one of the year! I am working on nailing down what internship I'm doing this summer, and counting down the days until Asia! (50 crazy) I found out that our free weekend will be in Seoul (we were all hoping for Tokyo), and evidently, there is the biggest theme park or something in the world. Could be fun! For those of you that don't know, I will be in Asia for school May 7th through the 21st.
Then, we have our trip presentation on the 25th, I'm in my best friend's wedding on the 29th and then starting my internship.

It should be a fast-paced next 3 months, but I will do my best to keep you updated. I know this blog has been random and all over the place, but I have one more piece of news to share.

Meghan is preggo! She is due September 11th. We find out what it is on April 19th, and I will let you know! I'm incredibly excited.

Well, I have to go get ready for class.

I will (try to) blog soon!
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