Thursday, March 25, 2010

Boys are funny.

Let me preface this post with I love Blane with all of my heart and he is my favorite person in the entire world (although Darby is a close second).
Ok. That was my disclaimer.

Blane owns approximately 10ish pairs of shoes, but probably only wears 3 of them often.
1) He wears this wonderful pair of Born boots I bought him a year and a half ago every day to work.
2) He wears a pair of red and white Nike Shox I bought for him a year and a half ago when he gets home or with casual clothing.
3) He wears a pair of black and red Croc flip flops around the house (he actually bought these himself).
That's it. Just thinking about the amount of shoes I own or the amount of shoes I wear makes me chuckle (and if you know me very well, you are also chuckling). In fact, this NYE Blane lost $20 because he bet his best friend that the shoes they were looking at in the middle of the floor were not mine and were the friend's girl friend. Bless his heart, it wasn't his fault he was wrong. However, on a completely different point what a silly thing to bet about.
Back to the point. Last week Blane started complaining about his left heel hurting and after a few days, he could barely walk. So, we started trying to figure out why. We replaced his inserts. That didn't help. Then, we thought maybe the cleats he was wearing for his softball league were worn out (because they were from when he played football in college and they were worn out). So, we went to buy him new ones. The weekend came and went and his foot was feeling better. So, I put it out of my mind (as I have told my mom about many subjects, I only have so much worry available to spread around and that wasn't getting any anymore). I get a call from Blane Monday saying nope we were wrong on all accounts. The Born Boots were the culprit (which I had accutally suggested) and they needed to immediately be replaced. Well, I believe I have mentioned in a previous post that I am a great internet shopper. I tend to excell at it while I am in class. Now, I know some of you are sitting there thinking tsk, tsk Morgan hasn't been paying attention in class. However, I promise I cannot concentrate on just one thing. My mind needs to be doing multiple things, or I can't focus.
So, I began the search for new work shoes for Blane. For a lot of people, this would not be a difficult task. Blane wears a size 14. It is hard to find shoes to fit him and can mostly only be done online. Also, Blane happens to be an oddly picky person. He has specific non-flashy tastes and is not willing to waiver from his tastes. So, normally he will find a pair of shoes, fall in love with them, we will search every corner of the internet, and alas, there are none available in a 14. Then, he is unwilling to pick something else. It is a cyclical process and it takes forever. (The same sort of thing happens when we go clothes shopping). Well, I have actually, over the years, found a way to counteract this problem. When he needs to buy shoes, and he asks for my help. I first go to multiple sites, select size 14 and browse until I find multiple items that I like and think Blane will look good in. I then, compare them and weed out the ones I know will be completely ruled out by him. I then, compare them on other factors I think are important. I do this process until I come up with a solid list of 5 or less options that I show him. He picks out his favorite(s) and we order. Ta-da they are shipped and we are done. I know this seems like a lot of work and time put in by me, and not actually Blane, but trust me, I am saving time. If he looked through pages and pages of shoes, he would not find one that he liked in his size, because he would become too hung-up in the shoes that are not in his size.
You can only imagine the struggle over large things, like furniture.
Moral of this story: Blane will be recieving 3 new pairs of shoes in the mail shortly and we are searching for a 4th.
I will let you know what he thinks of them, when they come in.

Next blog teaser: Blane and I are traveling to my parents' for Easter, and I plan on remembering to take pictures of Darby.
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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Well Obviously, I Didn't Blog Over Christmas

I know I promised to blog like crazy over the Christmas break. Well, Christmas has come and gone and so has Spring Break, and alas, no blog. Would you believe my life has been crazy?

I promise, it has. Over Christmas, I got the swine flu (so did Blane) and it took me forever to get better. Then, in the midst of the flu, my lovely little apartment on J Place flooded. I was laying on my bed taking a nap because I was miserably sick, and the apartment wide fire alarms started going off. I looked out my door and it is raining outside my door......interesting since I live on the middle floor. So, I gather up important things (thinking my building is on fire) so I can go to Blane's for awhile and start my dash to the door. By the time I got the the stairwell, there was so much water pouring out, I didn't know if I could get out. But, I did and while standing freezing outside (because my car was blocked by the fire trucks) I learned that it was not a fire at all, but a pipe burst right above my apartment. So, they turned off the water to the building and were allowed to re-enter. I.have.never.seen.such.a.mess. My apartment got the brunt of it, and when I got back in there, there was standing water, water coming through the lights, the electrical outlets, down the walls, basically anywhere there was a hole that it could fit through. (of the best one was the breaker box) Well, that's awful you say? It gets worse and better and then worse again. It just so happens that there was an unknown oil in the water (black) that was all over everything. It also just so happens that my things were minimally damaged!!!! However, my apartment was unliveable. Long story short: they didn't think they had somewhere to move me and I still hadn't got in touch with Blane.
The next day (the day before the start of my spring semester), the leasing office finally gave me somewhere to move. So, I did. I would go to school during the day and move during the night. It took me a week, but I got it done! It's a miracle I didn't fail Mod A.

Moving on......

Blane moved into his own apartment (roommate free) and it is lovely.
This first year of grad school, I have moved twice during the first week of a semester (for me) and once during the weekend before finals (blane). We won't be doing that again :)

I made it through the first Mod of this semester, and now I'm on the last one of the year! I am working on nailing down what internship I'm doing this summer, and counting down the days until Asia! (50 crazy) I found out that our free weekend will be in Seoul (we were all hoping for Tokyo), and evidently, there is the biggest theme park or something in the world. Could be fun! For those of you that don't know, I will be in Asia for school May 7th through the 21st.
Then, we have our trip presentation on the 25th, I'm in my best friend's wedding on the 29th and then starting my internship.

It should be a fast-paced next 3 months, but I will do my best to keep you updated. I know this blog has been random and all over the place, but I have one more piece of news to share.

Meghan is preggo! She is due September 11th. We find out what it is on April 19th, and I will let you know! I'm incredibly excited.

Well, I have to go get ready for class.

I will (try to) blog soon!
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