Thursday, July 22, 2010

Well, Ok It's Official

I'm getting married. Most people knew this already. It's not a shocking update. However, I am getting married in 149 days. That is news. So, here's what happened.
Blane and I had decided in March that we would like to get married next Memorial Day Weekend, for a multitude of reasons. First, we love each other (duh). Second, I was graduating two weeks prior to that, and I could put off starting a new career until after. Third, we have a lot of people in our families that are employed by a school district, and this would be after school let out next year. Fourth, if you didn't revolve around the school year, it would be a long weekend that guests could enjoy and not be so rushed to get back to work. It was logical and well thought out and practical and we were both on board with it. We had tentatively planned to look at a few venues, while we were at my parents' for the 4th. But as we were not quite engaged yet, we weren't doing any serious planning. I emailed the owners of the chapel we liked the next Tuesday, just to get some specifics. Long story short: the chapel we fell in love with was booked. Our premium, perfect date was taken. So, after spending an entire half of a day being very, very sad. We picked another date; booked. And another, and another, and get the picture. 10 dates. All booked up. So, I finally said just tell me the dates it's not booked, and we will go from there. We were left with December 18th, May 7th, and September 3rd. I didn't want to wait until September 3rd, and it's hot. May 7th is excatly 2 days after my last final and exactly 7 days before I graduate.
We are getting married December 18th. At this place:, with a reception at this place:
Why hadn't I already posted this? Why hadn't I let the blogging world know? Well, I don't know if you remember (from earlier in the post) but as of July 4th weekend, there had not been a proposal; no ring had been purchased; we were not engaged. So, I had envisioned to keep it on the dl until this happened, but that ended up not working too well. Mainly because we both have mother's and families that proceeded to tell every person that they had ever even thought about knowing. So, here I am announcing it to the world. Don't feel like I have been hiding it. I promise, I have not. I, too, have told a lot of people. I. Am. SO. Incredibly. Excited. Just ask Blane. Because I only have a few months to plan this, I have been overwhelming him with questions and he gets to a point, everyday, where he says that I have to stop.
I have a lot more information on my wedding and how much I am enjoying planning it and that the anticipation of marrying the love of my life and best friend is about to make me explode in joy. But, I am out of time and have to run. I will post soon, with more links and pictures.

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