Saturday, August 14, 2010

THE dress

Well, I had been trying to avoid worrying, but the bottom line is that I was frantic about being able to get the dress that I hadn't yet found and fallen in love with, that was in my budget, ordered and into the store and altered and ready to go with only 4 months left. Anyone who knows anything about weddings knows that it often takes 4-5 months to get dresses in. I already knew this (because I had done my research of course) but people found the need to continue to remind me of that fact. So, last Friday my mom, all my anxiety, and I loaded up in the Tahoe and went to the first of 3 dress appointments I had scheduled for the 5 days I was to be in the area. I had already searched with my best friend Mary Kathryn, just to figure out what type of dress looked and fit best on me. So, I had completely readjusted my "ideal" wedding dress image and ended up with a deep desire for a dress that I would have never, ever thought to pick in my wildest dreams. I had but one picture with me for this dress appointment, and my heart fell when the lady said that they didn't have it in their samples to try on. I tried to be mature and proceeded to tell her the parts of the dress that I couldn't compromise about and hoped that she would have some dresses that I could work with. Well, she pulled out a dress that was the first one I tried on that looked almost identical to the picture I had brought her. 3 differences: different designer, a little less expensive!, and the back was a little different. I loved it from the moment I put it on. However, my mom hadn't been with me to try on any dresses before. So, just to make sure, I tried on 3 more dresses that made my cut. 1 was awful, 1 was moderately ok, and the 3rd was gorgeous. I was in a conundrum. This other dress was exactly up the alley I thought I would go, when I started dreaming in white (or ivory because white looked weird on me). The only thing to do was to try the first one back on. I automatically knew which one I had to have: the first one. Well, 2 of my problems were solved: a dress I'm in love with that's in my budget. I still had to get it ordered and into the store and altered before mid-December. Well, my heart fell again when she told me it wasn't possible. However, the dress I had on happened to be in my size, in the shade I wanted, and had never been tried on before, because they had just gotten it into the store. So, they sold it to me. My dress is safe and sound in the alteration department of the dress store, waiting for me to come in November to get it altered.
It was perfect, and I am in love and no longer frantic.
The End.

P.S. there is no picture or link attached because Blane reads this
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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Date Has Been Saved

Well most everyone has received their save-the-dates! I got mine in the mail yesterday (I think it is very silly that I had to order one for myself)! I was very pleased with them. They were very simple and to the point. Blane was also pleased with them and we went to mail box together to look at it. It was exciting! Blane actually picked the picture we decided to use. There were multiple ones that I liked and so we went with his favorite.
I'm going this Friday to look at dresses, with my momma! I am going to my parents' for the baby shower that I am throwing for my sister, but since I am going to be there, I'm trying pack in lots of wedding stuff into 5 days. By this time next week, I should have the cake person nailed down, my dress ordered, and the photography contract signed. There isn't a lot of big stuff left after that. Mainly, we need to book our honeymoon and Blane needs to apply for his passport. From here, it is all little stuff that won't be so overwhelming. It's hard to believe that I have only been planning this for a month.Oh the other thing I have to do is find a sound system. We weren't planning on hiring a DJ, but the reception place doesn't have a sound system. So, we are having to re-think how the music is going to work. I sure hope we figure out something!

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