Sunday, October 31, 2010

Check, Check

Blane got to check 2 things off of his present list in the last few days. Any guesses to which?

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50 Days

For the rest of my life, my birthday and anniversary will be 50 days apart. I think that's neat.

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Christmas kind of day

Last year, Blane commented on my silver and turquoise Christmas decorations (in a negative manner). He requested that we make the switch to more traditional colors, when we got married. Well, I am not going to actually put up a tree this year. I know, shock just went round the world. However, I am leaving to go to my parents' for the wedding on December 9th, and Blane and I won't return until the 27th. I am going to decorate, though. So, I thought it would be a great time to ease into the red/green decorations, since I wouldn't have to buy everything at once. So, I bought new stockings!!!!!! The kicker is when I told Blane I did this and why, he didn't remember telling me that. Oh well, I was ready for a change anyway. By the way, I don't know how to rotate on Blogger. Sorry!
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Take Note to the Right --------------------->

It's 200 days until I graduate!! Instead of stressing me out because I need a job, plan, etc..... It really just excites me. Celebrate with me.

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Friday, October 22, 2010

Things I Need.

In case you come across something or are in the mood to google, I still need the following things for my wedding:
1) Rehearsal dinner dress. I think I'm going to go with this one:
2) A cape or jacket to wear over my dress. I am thinking about this one:
3) Earrings. They need to be clip on (I can't wear real ones) and not tacky looking. Also, they need to not be very expensive because I don't wear earrings (because I can't) often.
4) Under-the-dress-essentials (as puts it). I don't need help with this. I just haven't completed it.
5) Something old, new, and borrowed. My garter is blue.
6) Toasting glasses.
7) Navy and/or silver guest book and pen. I thought I had this under control, but I don't.
8) Wedding bands. We are going to look on Saturday.

I'm sure there is more, but that's all I can come up with right now. I have a list at home, of course.

Thoughts? Ideas?

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Christmas Shopping

I'm done. Have been for a few weeks. Yes, I know this is annoying for some people and makes others mad. However, I am wedding my bff 7 days prior to the holiday. So, I had to get even more of a head start this year. I think Blane has a love/hate feeling about me being done.
Love: He doesn't have to go shopping with me or sit through my dialog with myself weighing pros and cons of what to get everyone.
Hate: He is not done with the one person he has to buy for. He also does not have my birthday present (next Friday) or to my knowledge a ring.
Therefore, my holiday preparedness is no longer going to be spoken of until he gets caught up. I made him feel bad in front of his co-workers the other day. Not my intent. I apologize, Blane. I love you. :)

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Blane's 20

Well, Mod A is over, finals are done and we are on to Mod B. I hope the next 7 weeks go by quickly. Exactly 7 weeks from right now I will be in Little Rock with Mary Kathryn anticipating my bachelorette party the next day. But alas, I have a lot of school between now and then. Which, brings us to the current moment: I am putting off writing a paper. So, I'm going to attempt Blane's 20 things that I hinted I might try during finals weeks. One more thing before I dive in, I had my first bridal shower last weekend! It was really fun and wonderful. We are very blessed and received some wonderful gifts. Next week is my birthday and our couples shower in Quitman. My parents are coming down for both occasions and we are excited! Now, on to the fun:

Blane's 20
1) He can't remember which towel is his. At my parents' house Blane cannot remember which "color" towel he is and has multiple times suggested that they get him a blue towel for Blane. Green for Gibson seems to not be successful.
2) He leaves lights on unnecessarily.
3) He puts unfinished drinks in the refrigerator and forgets about them. I usually end up knocking them over and being irritated.
4) He only reads non-fiction.
5) It doesn't matter what he eats for dinner; he immediately wants something sweet.
6) He LOVES little kids; they love him equally. Kids and Blane have a mutual admiration for each other. He connects with them on a level that I have never seen from anyone else.
7) He likes chick flicks. He also loves very manyly movies.
8) He hates tomatoes.
9) He does not eat condiments: butter, mustard, syrup, etc..... with the exception of ketchup, which he will eat on almost anything. He even eats waffles and pancakes dry.
10) The first year I knew Blane he kept his hs football jersey on his footboard so he wouldn't forget where he came from.
11) His default response is yeah. If I ask him a question and he is not listening whatsoever, he will answer yeah. Sometimes, I pretend like I don't notice and take his answer to heart. lol.
12) He is not a touchy feely guy and would rather kiss me than hug me.
13) He is the most competitive person I have ever met. He will slam a tennis ball down my throat and not feel bad about it!!!! hahaha
14) He is put off by patterns. He will always, always choose a solid color to wear for himself or for me to wear.
15) He will not drink anything without ice.
16) He is bluntly honest and not afraid to tell me when he doesn't like something.
17) He is the worst person ever at answering his phone/returning calls and texts.
18) He prefers white cake with white icing...I think it's not a cake without chocolate.
19) There are whole food ethnicities that  Blane "doesn't like" because he hasn't had them before (ex. Japanese, Italian, etc). I consider that to be unexposed.
20) He focuses on one thing at a time, which is hard for my multi-tasking mind to comprehend. He does this for almost every aspect of his life. Ex: he will listen to the same song over and over and over again for about a month and then move on to a different one.

I love Blane more than anything and I hope this makes you all realize he is (almost) as weird as I am.

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I'm Boring

Really, I am. I am also extremely busy. I have, multiple times, meant to write blogs but there are 2 problems: 1) I'm boring 2) I'm busy
For those of you looking for a wedding update, here it is:
BM Dresses-check
FG Dress-check
Groom's cake-check (listed separately because they are from 2 different people)
The list can go on, and on, and on. If you don't believe me, I can send you a screenshot of my checklist on Basically, all I have left is little stuff that is time consuming. But, I am getting there! :)

However, that is not the point of this blog. I am going to do the 20 things you may not know about me. (Yes, I know it's a boring topic that everyone has done and there is a chance you will know at least some of them.)

1) I whole-heartedly believe that cake is better in cup form.
2) I cannot function in a mess (at least not longer than a day).
3) I plan out my list of what to purchase for Christmas presents starting in the spring.
4) I budget to shop "big" twice a year. Christmas, Vicki 08/16, Cade 08/31, Braxten 09/23, Darby 10/02, Conner 11/18, Mom 11/20, Dad 01/24, Blane 02/10, Meghan 02/21, Valentine's Day (and now our anniversary) gifts all get planned out and purchased Septemberish. Mother's day, father's day, and the rest of the birthdays get purchased Aprilish.
5) I love crunchy things and one of the reasons Blane and I work so well is that he likes the center of the Pop-Tart and I like the crust.
6) I persuaded myself to like peanut butter just within the last year.
7) I shower in the dark.
8) Leaving things unfinished bothers me so much to the core that I cannot function until I finish.
9) I am the opposite of a hoarder. I throw things away too easily, especially when I have to pack and move them. Once when I was young my mom caught me throwing change away because I didn't want to move it to a new house.
10) I do not snooze in the morning. I can't go back to sleep after the alarm goes off.
11) I do not enjoy wearning pants and certainly not shorts. I never have.
12) I make decisions (excluding where to go for dinner) quickly. This has been a beneficial trait in wedding planning.
13) Packing is my least favorite thing to do ever. Followed closely by interviewing/looking for a job.
14) I can barely force myself to consume a drink without a straw. I prefer the bendy variety.
15) I own a lot of pink and purple items, not only because I prefer these colors, but also because my mom typically purchases pink/purple for me and blue/green for Meghan. She often determines (still to this day) if she should buy us something based on if these colors are available.
16) I enjoy holidays more than any other person I know (probably more than any person you know either), including small children. I enjoy giving and wrapping presents as much (at least) as I do getting them.
17) I did not know this until recently but I convert everything into a countdown. I have done this all of my life, (I remember calculating the number of hours until Chrismas morning when I was 5) but until Carolyn Combs pointed this out recently, I did not realize it. In honor of this, I am adding a count down for her to the blog.
18) I obsessively plan....everything. Blane will be glad to tell you that I need to chill out. I feel completely unhinged without a plan. This is something I need to work on.
19) I don't know how to study. I have gone (almost) all the way through undergraduate and graduate school and still have no idea how to study. I'm sure you think I am exaggerating, but it takes me 3 hours of time wasting to be able to spend 1 hour of semi-productive study time. I cannot complete the 1 hour without first spending the 3 hours.
20) I have a ridiculous memory. I remember specific facts for years to come, especially if I can associate it with a number or remember it visually. It is an unfair advantage I have over Blane, especially when we are having a spat. My first phone number (that I haven't had since I was 11) was 417.546.4213 (4 minus 2 plus 1 = 3).

Yes, I'm weird. I embrace it.
Maybe during my hours of time wasting when I'm studying for finals this weekend I will do a 20 things for Blane. I believe it will be equally fun.

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