Sunday, December 18, 2011

Top 5

In honor of the 1st anniversary on Sunday, I am going to do a top 5 countdown of my favorite things about being married to Blane. I was going to do the 1 best thing about the last year because it's the 1st one, but I decided that was boring and I need to give the 7 people that actually read my blog a little more. Also, later this week look for pictures of the house at Christmas. Yes, I know that you still haven't even seen pictures of the house in its normal state. I have them. I wouldn't get my hopes up if I were you. But on the off chance that I actually get them posted before we move out of the house, you will be pleasantly surprised. No, we do not have any plans to move, but our lease will be up at the end of August. So, there's a chance. Anyway....drumroll please...........
#5 Blane not only understands my quirkiness but appreciates it. Quirkiness/OCD tomato tomahto. I am very aware that I am high strung. It isn't something I try to hide. Blane really gets it and whether he understands why I freaking out about having a real Christmas tree or not, he gets that it is really important to me and tries to accommodate me. It doesn't always happen (we have a 5' fake tree) but he does always try.
#4 we have a home that is ours. Yes, it is a rental, but it feels like home to us and that's what matters. We lived in a one bedroom apartment before moving to Conroe, and we were cramped and crowded. Moving into this house has been wonderful for us. We are comfortable and happy and love spending time at home. I am confident anywhere we live now we can make "home" for us.
#3 I get to come home to my best friend everyday.
#2 our relationship grows stronger all the time. I didn't really know if being married would change us very much because we had dated so long. It has though. Bottom line, I love being married to Blane.
#1 God made us for each other. I truly believe this. We balance each other almost perfectly. He is as laid back as I am high strung. And while this sometimes makes us clash, it usually makes us a better whole than 2 halves.

Well, 1 year down. Hopefully, 70+ more to go. Love you, husband.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Anyone else notice that I used the wrong date to count down to Christmas? Me either. Thanks husband! I was counting down to the anniversary.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

3 months later

So, we moved. 
We rented a precious house (I will post pictures but don't hold your breath).
I started my new job.
Blane's parents came to visit.
I traveled for 4-5 weeks for my job.
We went to the Arkansas A&M game.
I came home for 2 weeks.
My parents came to visit.
We went to Galveston.
I went to Vegas for a week for a trade show.
Blane came with me.
I turned 26.
I presented to college seniors on being a marketing professional.

And here we are.
Now everyone is all caught up.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

new beginnings

It's Thursday.
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Thursday, August 11, 2011


Today is Thursday. The next time it is Thursday, I will finish with my consulting project. The time after that I will move to a new city and the next I will start my new job. I am measuring life by Thursdays until further notice (most likely September).

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Drumroll please......

Blane and I will be moving to Conroe, Texas in 15 days.Oh, you've never been? Neither had I. It is 40 miles north of Houston, pretty close to The Woodlands. I have accepted a position as the Director of Marketing for a small-medium size private company. It is going to be a very challenging, exciting, and fun opportunity, and I can't wait to get started. I start on September 1st, by the way. We signed the lease on our 3 bed/2 bath rental house today. It has an amazing deck and a huge master bedroom. I will post lots of pics once we get in and settled. Btw, house hunting is fun for a day. Then it becomes exhausting. We are very happy with our choice, though. It is about 4 miles from my office, which will be an incredible change for me. For those of you who don't know, I have been commuting. A LOT. The place I interned with 06/10-04/11 was 61 miles from the apartment (about 1.5 hours in DFW land); SMU took about an hour to get to; My consulting gig is about 40 minutes away. Now, I can give the Accord a little break. The only uncertainty we have is Blane's possible commute. He is currently searching for a position in the area, and I am hoping he can find something fairly close so neither of us has a long drive. We are excited about the changes we are facing and can't wait!

Saturday, August 6, 2011


Big news! I accepted a job offer yesterday!!!!!!!
More details to come (where, when, etc...)
We are on day 2 of house hunting and it's going pretty well. We have it narrowed down (we think) to about 3 we really like. I will try to not keep everyone in suspense for very long, but I want to wait until we have a place to move and have all the details ironed out. We are elated to have a plan and just in time, too!! Our lease at our apartment is up in 25 days. I, as an OCD controller/planner, was having an excrutiating time not knowing what our plan was going to be in a month. But, as God always does, He knew what was right for us and made me have patience. This job has been in the works since the end of April, and finally everything fell into place. I have known it was the one I wanted all along, but was trying to not get my hopes up, in case it was not the one that was right.
We will be moving (if you know where we are this weekend, I guess you know where!). I am about to wake Blane up and hopefully land a house today.
More details soon! Promise!!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

where have I been

Well you might be thinking that I haven't been blogging because I'm busy doing crazy fabulous things. Wrong. I haven't been blogging because there isn't really much to blog about. I'm doing a 2 month consulting project for a capital investment company that I'm about halfway through and I have just been interviewing. This is the first time I have ever worked in an office of finance and accounting people. I have always been in a marketing department surrounded by other marketing people.2 observations: they don't talk and they aren't looking for creativity. Basically I am tie-dyed in a sea of grey. We have been out of town almost every weekend for the past 2 months and I'm excited we are staying home this weekend. There are going to be (hopefully) some exciting changes coming up for the gibsons pretty soon and I promise to blog about. No, we are not having a baby. I'm not trying to be mysterious about it and withhold information. I don't know what the changes are yet but there will definitely be some. That's all for now. I know not very exciting, hence why I haven't been blogging. Oh except one thing. I am officially Morgan Leanne Gibson. My name has been changed legally and I'm getting used to signing it fairly quickly. Bye for now.
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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The ending of an era

I started to post this, but I realized I had never posted on graduation and needed to do that first. Hence the two posts in a row.
As we were watching the NBA Finals tonight, a trailer for HP 7-2 came on. Blane asked me if I was sad it was almost over. I hadn't really thought about it before, but I told him that I wasn't that upset the movies would be over. I am however sad about the books. Harry, Ron, and Hermione have been a part of my life for the last 13 years-more than half of my life. I know this is considered to be a controversial series  to some people due to the witchcraft. To me, it is just like any fiction book or movie. It is not something that is practical, it is an escape and adventure. To not read the series is doing yourself a disservice. It is so eloquently written and thourougly thought out from start to finish. I am not trying to review the books or the author. I am just passionate about Harry Potter. It is a series that I will read over and over for years to come. I have grown up with it, and it is a chapter I am sad to close. The final movie comes out in 38 days, and although it is bittersweet, I am excited.

Way past due

Graduation weekend was a smashing success, besides the actual ceremony being incredibly disorganized. That, however, is beside the point. My parents, grandparents, sister, brother-in-law, and the kids came for the weekend. They got a little taste of Dallas, but I hope they come back when I have time to actually show them around. Blane's parents, brother, and sister-in-law came for my graduation lunch and the ceremony. My BFF MK came for the ceremony too!! It was a great weekend and I had a wonderful time with everyone. I forgot how great graduation gifts are. Everyone started asking me what I wanted a few weeks beforehand, and I didn't have anything to say. I hadn't even thought about it. Everyone did great without my help, though. I got some good swag. My grandparents and in-laws gave me money, which I am probably going to use for a couple of new outfits when I get a job. Brad and Cara (brother-in-law & sister-in-law) gave me a Starbucks gift card! My parents gave me this:

It is a gorgeous Coach purse and wallet, if you can't tell from the picture. It is much prettier in person, and I love it.
Blane gave me this:

It's a Nook Color: plus an awesome cover! He actually already had a gift for me, but this was the only thing I asked for. He didn't know if anyone was going to get it for me. So, he got it for me just in case! I still dont' know what the other gift is that he has had since December.

My sister got me some Nook acessories, including a gift card to buy lots and lots of books!

Mary Kathryn gave me the Tina Fea book Bossy Pants as well as this:

Both gifts were awesome and very fitting. This is my new favorite coffee cup. It motivates me every morning! If you are a business woman type person and you haven't read Bossy Pants, you need to. It's good.

Anyway, I had been meaning to post this forever and I kept forgetting. Thanks to everyone for coming to my special day and for the great gifts. I love you all.

Friday, May 20, 2011

I'm Irritated

Let me just clear the air real quick....this post is not about graduation, jobs, my MBA, or anything else related to the last 2 years of my life. I know, this is my first post since I graduated and you all expected this post to be about said graduation. I'm sure I will post about it, but this is not it.
This is about my irritation about our laundry situation. A few months ago, we got a note on our door explaining that when our apartment complex had opened they had purchased half of their washers and dryers and leased the other half. They would now be returning the leased machines and purchasing new ones for the rest of the units. We, evidentally, had leased machines. So, we were to "make sure we finished our laundry" beforehand and be prepared to wait a day or two in between the machines getting picked up and the new ones getting dropped off. Annoying, but not irritating. However, our new washer is smaller and is very loud. It does this squeaky spinny thing and can be heard in all parts of our small apartment. Not the worst part, though. The washer locks, meaning that we have to put in the soap and clothes, close the lid, and it locks and begins filling with water. This leads to soap getting on our clothes before it is dilluted. However, the new washer doesn't spin fast enough (or something) to get the soap off the clothes and doesn't spin fast enough to open the Downy ball with the fabric softener in it. So, we can no longer use fabric softener. We have to use dryer sheets. I HATE dryer sheets. It reminds me of the laundry machines in the dorms. Ultimately, we have to rewash at least 3 or 4 items from each load because they have soap spots all over them. It is ruining our clothes and taking uneeded extra time and I'm irritated. That's all.
Just one more reason I can't wait to move, and trust me, the list is long.

Thursday, May 5, 2011


As of 5 o'clock yesterday afternoon, I am finished with my MBA!!!!!!! Some parts of it flew by and others felt like it would NEVER end. This last Mod (for those of you who don't know, we did classes in 8 week sessions called Mods and I had 8 of them) was especially time consuming. However, Blane feels like the whole experience just flew by....
I would love to give you a long update, but I don't feel done yet. I'm still interviewing like crazy. Once I have the job situation nailed down, I will give you a nice post about what is going on with Team Gibson!


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

holly gowho?

I just had to explain to Blane who Holly Golightly is and that the song "Breakfast at Tiffanys" was about a movie. He said he already knew that, but I'm not convinced. He has never seen it! It's one of my very favorite movies. How has this not come up in the last 5 years?
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Sunday, April 17, 2011

i got lost on my run

I have recently discovered that if I run across 4 lanes of traffic and a grassy median (it's really not that dangerous) that I can run through some neighborhoods with really pretty houses. It may not sound that exciting but it sure beats running around our apartment complex. Well, I try to take a different route every run because there are so many houses to see and I don't want to get bored. So, today I accidentally got lost. I found myself within 10 minutes, but while I was lost, I found a house I love. It's not for sale or anything but I love the way it looks on the outside. I then had to find myway back to the house later to take a picture.
I hope the people that live there weren't freaked out when I parked my car across the street and took a picture.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


It makes me so unbelievably ecstatic when one of our song we played at the wedding comes on my Pandora station. On a similar note, I love my wedding dress. I know that should be in past tense, but it is not. I still love it and would work it in to my wardrobe to wear, if it was socially appropriate. It was gorgeous and although the pictures were magnificent, I don't think you can get the full effect from them.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

She's no Fool of April

I intended to write this post yesterday, but I was coming back from Little Rock and it slipped my mind. If you take a look to the bottom, right-hand corner of the blog, you will notice that there are 0 days until Carolyn's birthday. That's because it was yesterday! I don't know if you remember, but this blog will explain why there was a countdown on my blog. I am not such a bad friend. I did actually call her and leave her a birthday voicemail. I hope you had a great day, friend, and you, obviously, have a lot to tell me!


Naked Lady

disclaimer: This post was written for Carolyn Combs, and there is a very good chance you won't understand most of it, if you aren't her. I'm very sorry, and I will try to write something reader friendly for everyone before the weekend is up.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Santa Presents

Growing up, it took me a long time to discover that different families have different takes on holidays. Well, at the Cutbirth house (and if you know us very well, this is something you already know), we go all out. While I don't think there is one right way to do holidays and it has to adapt and change as your family grows, I happen to like the way we do it. Let's see what you think. The presents under the tree and the stockings on Christmas morning are from my parents. Santa brings each person one, "big" unwrapped present. Big doesn't necessarily depict the size of the actual gift. So, why am I telling you this? Well, Santa brought me a wonderful gift last year (Christmas 2009) that I hadn't gotten a chance to use until last night. A Le Cruset Dutch Oven! Because of different diets I have done over the last year and me being so busy and not being home much, I haven't done as much cooking as I like to or that I usually do. At the aforementioned crawfish boil there were a lot of leftovers, and Blane and I shucked the extra crawfish and brought home the meat for me to cook with. Last night I made Crawfish Etoufee, one of Blane's very favorite things. So, I wanted to take a minute to thank Santa for my wonderful gift that made cooking this dish (and future dishes) so much fun!

It was spectacular.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

I'm Gonna Run Outside

Both something that excites me a great deal and the subject of this story. Blane and I have are going to a crawfish boil with some friends after all the the guys go golfing. So, I decided to get my run in this morning while he was gone. This led to our own little version of "Who's on First?"
Me: I think I'm going to run out side today instead of on the treadmill (at the gym).
B: Yeah, I think you should. It's a really nice morning.
Me: It's a little cool, but I should warm up once I start going. Yea, ok I'm going to run outside. Don't lock the door, ok?
B: Ok, are you going to take the fob (the key fob to get into the gym)?
Me: No, I'm going to run outisde. So, don't lock the door. K?
B: Yeah. When will you be back?
M: About an hour, but leave the door open please.
B: Oh, well I will be gone when you get back.
M: Yeah, that's why I keep telling you to leave the door open.
B: Oh ok, I'm with you now.

Probably not as funny to you as it was to me...but it started off my morning well.

Friday, March 18, 2011

How Do I Love Thee?

It is so interesting how different people express their love and appreciation for someone else. I have always been a person who expresses her love in obvious ways: presents, surprises, cards, etc...
Blane is completely the opposite. Although he is really not a planner (which drives my OCD planning self crazy), he some how anticipates little things that I need/make me happy. I'm so glad this is the person God led me to.
The other night I was about to get in bed (I usually go to bed earlier than him because I am a morning person and if I'm up too late, I get cranky). I had a headache and was dreading the long day I was going to have the following day. I walked into the bathroom and noticed that there were about 6 sheets of toilet paper left on the roll. I knew I needed to get another roll out in case I had to pee in the middle of the night, but I hate getting out a new roll. Because we live in a small, one bedroom apartment, we have to get creative with storage. We keep the toilet paper in the hot water heater closet, under the paper towels, next to the toolbox with the vaccuum on top. I was already getting an attitude about it, and I looked on the counter and Blane had anticipated this scenario and put a new roll on the counter.
Blane went to Wal-Mart for the first time to do all of the grocery shopping for us, by himself (which he has decided he likes doing. SCORE!). He brought be back some indiviudal frozen meals for me to take to class, so I won't get hungry. Big deal you say? Well, I hate wasting $10 to eat out everytime I'm at class but also run out of time to make a lunch.

I love me husband! He's pretty neat.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

We also got this

We also go this blender a few weeks ago from the online % off from BBB, because it is only online. We already are using it because our blender broke about a month ago. I love it and it brightens up the kitchen


Anyone who has ever gotten married and put a lot of energy into planning your registries can sympathize with this post. Disclaimer: if you are a guy (besides my husband), you aren't going to care.
I don't know if it is a trend or it just happened with us because we got married around Christmas and people wanted to simplify their lives from picking out another gift, but we got a lot of gift cards. Which, I actually really, really liked for a few reasons. 1) Stuff I wanted (i.e. didn't think I could live without) in July/August, when we registered isn't necessarily what we really need so there is a lot of stuff we can now prioritize. For example, the cute fondue set from Dillard's may not actually be as important as our dishes. 2) You can combine several gift cards to buy a few key "big" items. So, it sounds great in theory. However, there are a couple of gaping holes in this plan, that no one warned me about. If you are getting married in the future, beware. I promise you will thank me later. First of all, either wait until the last possible moment to do your registries before you wedding/showers or be prepared to completely update/redo them a couple of weeks-a month before the wedding. This is because home items: kitchen bedroom, and bath stuff have different lines (just like clothing) and it changes through the seasons (again like clothing). So, items you register for 4-6 months before your wedding will no longer be available by the time your wedding gets here and after your wedding. Which leads me to the second stressor, most places you register offer a percentage off for the registry items that you did not received. This is great news for the gift cards to get the most bang for your buck. You aren't seeing the pitfall with this, yet? Well, I will let you in. It takes a complicated spreadsheet and a planner and a lot of patience to get it all worked out. This is because all the stores have different stipulations, % off, dates and requirements. Dillard's gives you 20% off of registry items starting 60 days after your wedding and lasting for 60 days. This is only good for certain categories. For example, you cannot use it for small kitchen electrics. It is also only good in-store and on items that were on your registry at the date of the wedding. Bed, Bath, and Beyond gives you 10% off 3 items online and 3 items in-store but you can only use the % once for each, meaning 2 transactions. Which, is actually a really bad deal because they are always sending the 20% off coupons for in-store in the mail. Also, anyone who is about to get married and planning on registering at BBB, please put us down as referring you, I will get store credit for it. Thanks, in advance! Pottery Barn (the easiest actually) you get 10% off of anything on your registry for 6 months after your wedding AND you can add stuff at any time. You can do it online or in-store, very easy and straight-forward. So, I have been planning and strategizing and deciding what we want/need and the most economical way to spend the gift cards to get it all. Then, I get an email from Bed, Bath, and Beyond saying they were doing a registry wrap-up event in a store in Dallas and everything on my registry can be purchased at 20% on March 13th from 6-8 pm. And that just changed everything. So, I started re-planning and strategizing and decided to save PB til later and do Dillard's and BBB on the 13th, all one day. The only problem with that was that we would then have to store all of the stuff in our little one bedroom apartment. Where are the rest of our wedding gifts, you ask? My parents have graciously agreed to store all of our presents until I graduate and we move into something bigger this summer. But, we decided we would just find a corner to put it in, until we could get it to my parents' with the rest of the stuff.
So, I calculated the total amount of money we had on gift cards for both stores and then started picking stuff off of the registries that we wanted most and worked out different assortments, while subtracting the 20% off and adding in the sales tax, so I would know exactly how much it would be out-of-pocket. I finally decided on items for both. We had significantly less to spend at Dillard's so we were going to go about $20 over there but get all the wonderful stuff we want.
So, I went with my registry and my list there and it was an awful experience. First, I had to go to 2 Dillard's, because the first one only had 2 of the items we wanted. At the second store, I discovered that 4 items we really wanted were discontinued because they were last season. They ended up locating 2 of them at another store and shipping them to my parents, which worked out better, anyway. One item I decided I could live without for now, and I could purchase at TJMaxx later, because I had seen a similar item there before. The last item though, I am still upset about. However, we are still left with about $70 to spend there!!! These are our Dillard's goodies.
ImageImageImagetimes 2 ImageImageImagetimes 2ImageImageImage
Imageand this is the item I'm not over yet that was out of stock

Then, I ran home and Blane unloaded the car and raced to Dallas, because Dillard's had taken much longer than I had anticipated. The BBB experience was much better, because they have a function on their website where you can see if the store has an item, in stock (but only in certain states, sorry), and all of the items were in-stock. We got the following items and it only cost $1.19 out of pocket. Also, my wonderful in-laws had actually already gotten our cookware for us, but I accidentally registered for the wrong set, and Blane and I went to exchange it and the BBB in Branson didn't have the right set. So, they just gave us store credit, which worked out better anyway because we got 20% the right set on Sunday. We got the following at BBB during the registry wrap-up:

Calphalon Tri-Ply Stainless Steel 13-Piece Cookware Set

And because the knives and cookware were Calphalon, we spent enough to receive free gifts!!! We got $150 Calphalon Dutch Oven and a $50 BBB gift card!!! 
So, all things said, we were really excited and feel like we got the most out of our gift cards!!!! I felt like those ladies on the Khol's commercials. 

Anyway, this is a really long post and I didn't intend it to be. I am obviously a little passionate about getting a good deal.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Spring has Sprung...but not really

Well, I am officially 7/8 done with my MBA, which is mostly (almost completely) wonderful. The things that are not wonderful about it:
1) it is spring break and it is gloomy and 45 degrees and we aren't going on any sort of trip, but I do get to rest up and loll around
2) I only have 10 weeks to find a job, if I am going to be employed by the time I graduate.

But, besides that, I am so glad to almost be done. I feel like it is has been a very long and hard journey and am very excited to celebrate the accomplishment. My parents, grandparents, sister, bro in law, niece, and nephew are all coming. My sister and her family have never been to visit me in Texas and to that point, have never been to Texas at all. I'm so glad that I am going to get to show them around.
Besides school and work, the Gibsons haven't been up to much since my last report. We did go to New Orleans for Blane's birthday, and my husband turned 24. NOLA was fantastic. Blane had never been and I surprised him with the trip. He enjoyed the food and the atmosphere. We went on a swamp tour, Rum distillery tour, WWII museum, and much more. By the way, if you have always wanted to go on a swamp tour, don't choose the winter. The gators go into a sort of hibernation in the winter months in Louisiana. So, we didn't see any, but we still had a lot of fun. Blane really enjoyed his present (the trip). Because of cheap flights and scheduling purposes, we ended up going 2 weeks before his birthday. So, we actually celebrated for a whole month. I took him to a movie and out to eat on his bday weekend, we went to eat with his family, and the next weekend, we went to celebrate with my family. We did a joint bday celebration with Meghan, as their birthdays are only 11 days apart. We got to see Cade and Darbs and they were d-e-lightful. We also go to see some fantastic friends on the way to my parents, Sean and Nicole Huddleston. For Valentine's Day we went to a movie and dinner. We had to celebrate the day after, because on Mondays I go to work (in Fort Worth) at 8 and then go to class at 6 (in Dallas) and go home (in McKinney) at 10. So, I'm gone for 14 hrs+. We were supposed to save presents until Tuesday, but I got home after my long day and my husband had gotten me a dozen red roses, chocolate covered strawberries, and my first "wife" card! I was so surprised, and it was incredibly thoughtful. He wanted our first Valentine's as a married couple to be special. I got him new UA sunglasses, that he loves.
Other news, we watched the Lost series on Netflix and loved it for the most part. We weren't huge fans of the ending, but we enjoyed watching it together.
I'm sure there are some things I missed, but I will (really try hard to) update once a week henceforth.

Love you all!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Morgan Leanne Gibson

It has a nice ring to it, huh? I really like it. It is not going to, however, legally be my name until June. I decided to wait until I am out of school because I didn't want the name change to mess up my loans or insurance or car or diploma or anything until I have time to fix it. But, feel free to start calling me by it whenever you want.
I feel like a million things have happened since I last blogged, but really mostly just the wedding. Oh, but it was fantastic. It was everything I hoped it would be and more! It was gorgeous and fun and the weather was great and the "First Look" Blane and I had was incredibly special. I was hesitant to do it, because I really wanted the first time that he saw me to be me walking down the aisle. But, it was. Instead of it being in front of a ton of people, it was just us, and we got a minute to hug and smile and look at each other and talk. I highly recommend it. Plus, you can get a lot of pictures done and not have to stay so long before you go to the reception. The reception was beautiful too. Thanks to my cousin, Ashley, who took my detailed list and decorated it, everything looked perfect. Both of our cakes were gorgeous in their own special ways. The wedding cake photographed beautifully, but I think the groom's cake looked better in person. I actually can't say that for sure until we get the pictures from the photographer (I think today!). Blane picked out the song to our first dance, and it was really special. My dad and I had our moment during the father/daughter dance, too. One thing I would recommend to anyone who hasn't gotten married yet is to pick a special song but mind the length. You don't want to do one dance for 5 minutes and no one wants to watch it either. Another thing that was fantastic was the flowers. We ended up ordering them from Sam's Club out of price and convenience, and I didn't know exactly what to expect. But, they arrived on-time ready to go in the bouquets, corsages, etc... The only thing I did besides clipping them and putting them in water (which my Dad did), was I inserted some red roses in. The flowers for the wedding were all white, because at the time I ordered, that's all that was offered in a wedding bundle. So, I altered them a little with the help of a family friend that used to work in a flower shop. Now, Sam's offers red and white wedding pack, but I like the way mine turned out and would order from them again in a minute!
After the wedding, we were off to Jamaica. I didn't know what to expect there, either. I was hoping Blane would enjoy it because I want to travel and go on vacations, in the future. He did!!!! He loved every minute of it, and we want to go back as soon as possible. He is now also open to other international travel, and I expect (if it is financially feasible) that we will make our way to Europe in the next few years. Jamaica was beautiful and relaxing and fun all wrapped into one package. We stayed at a couple's resort from the company called Couples. They have 4 resorts in Jamaica, and I would highly recommend them. When we go back, we will probably pick a different one of the 4, just to try a different beach, but we would have no qualms in going back exactly where we were.
We flew back on Christmas Eve and got into KC about 8:30. Unfortunately, our bags did not. We were going to wait for them to come on the next flight. However, the only one out of the 3 they could locate was mine. And, considering I had all of the essentials at my parents' house, that didn't do us much good. So, we made the trek to Branson without the bags, and they made it back I think the next Monday. Funny story is that I took one piece of rolling luggage and my purse. Blane took two humongous duffel bags AND his backpack. He was afraid he was going to forget something. So, he literally had nothing, when we got back to my parents. However, he did make it to Jamaica with 4 sets of tennis shoes, a wind suit, and sweats.
So, we had Christmas with my family and drove to Blane's parents the following Monday and had Christmas with them. We then went home to McKinney and did NINE loads of laundry and unpacked. I had gotten Blane Red Wings/Stars hockey tickets for his wedding present (and a Red Wings jersey for Christmas) because he is a huge fan. So, we went to the game last Wednesday, and had a fantastic time. I had never been to a hockey game before, but I really enjoyed it. Our seats were fantastic and Blane took lots of pictures. I think he might put them on fb before too long.
Then, we went back to Quitman for a NYE party with some of his friends. Then, back to McKinney, and I started back to work yesterday. One more trip to Quitman for Blane's best friend's wedding this weekend and then we can slow down for awhile. (Well, except for me starting school again Monday). We are going to New Orleans for Blane's birthday in 3 weeks. His birthday isn't actually until the 10th of February, but it worked out better to go a few weeks before. You can't believe I'm putting it on my blog? Well, I know I am typically completely against giving presents early or telling someone what it is, but I couldn't figure out how to get Blane to the airport without telling him. So, I told him on our honeymoon. Plus, I was afraid he would make plans and that would just complicate it further. Now, we can plan and decide ahead of time what he wants to do and where he wants to eat!

Well, I guess you are caught up on my life. I will let you know, when I get my pictures!!!!!!!!

Have a great day.

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