Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Morgan Leanne Gibson

It has a nice ring to it, huh? I really like it. It is not going to, however, legally be my name until June. I decided to wait until I am out of school because I didn't want the name change to mess up my loans or insurance or car or diploma or anything until I have time to fix it. But, feel free to start calling me by it whenever you want.
I feel like a million things have happened since I last blogged, but really mostly just the wedding. Oh, but it was fantastic. It was everything I hoped it would be and more! It was gorgeous and fun and the weather was great and the "First Look" Blane and I had was incredibly special. I was hesitant to do it, because I really wanted the first time that he saw me to be me walking down the aisle. But, it was. Instead of it being in front of a ton of people, it was just us, and we got a minute to hug and smile and look at each other and talk. I highly recommend it. Plus, you can get a lot of pictures done and not have to stay so long before you go to the reception. The reception was beautiful too. Thanks to my cousin, Ashley, who took my detailed list and decorated it, everything looked perfect. Both of our cakes were gorgeous in their own special ways. The wedding cake photographed beautifully, but I think the groom's cake looked better in person. I actually can't say that for sure until we get the pictures from the photographer (I think today!). Blane picked out the song to our first dance, and it was really special. My dad and I had our moment during the father/daughter dance, too. One thing I would recommend to anyone who hasn't gotten married yet is to pick a special song but mind the length. You don't want to do one dance for 5 minutes and no one wants to watch it either. Another thing that was fantastic was the flowers. We ended up ordering them from Sam's Club out of price and convenience, and I didn't know exactly what to expect. But, they arrived on-time ready to go in the bouquets, corsages, etc... The only thing I did besides clipping them and putting them in water (which my Dad did), was I inserted some red roses in. The flowers for the wedding were all white, because at the time I ordered, that's all that was offered in a wedding bundle. So, I altered them a little with the help of a family friend that used to work in a flower shop. Now, Sam's offers red and white wedding pack, but I like the way mine turned out and would order from them again in a minute!
After the wedding, we were off to Jamaica. I didn't know what to expect there, either. I was hoping Blane would enjoy it because I want to travel and go on vacations, in the future. He did!!!! He loved every minute of it, and we want to go back as soon as possible. He is now also open to other international travel, and I expect (if it is financially feasible) that we will make our way to Europe in the next few years. Jamaica was beautiful and relaxing and fun all wrapped into one package. We stayed at a couple's resort from the company called Couples. They have 4 resorts in Jamaica, and I would highly recommend them. When we go back, we will probably pick a different one of the 4, just to try a different beach, but we would have no qualms in going back exactly where we were.
We flew back on Christmas Eve and got into KC about 8:30. Unfortunately, our bags did not. We were going to wait for them to come on the next flight. However, the only one out of the 3 they could locate was mine. And, considering I had all of the essentials at my parents' house, that didn't do us much good. So, we made the trek to Branson without the bags, and they made it back I think the next Monday. Funny story is that I took one piece of rolling luggage and my purse. Blane took two humongous duffel bags AND his backpack. He was afraid he was going to forget something. So, he literally had nothing, when we got back to my parents. However, he did make it to Jamaica with 4 sets of tennis shoes, a wind suit, and sweats.
So, we had Christmas with my family and drove to Blane's parents the following Monday and had Christmas with them. We then went home to McKinney and did NINE loads of laundry and unpacked. I had gotten Blane Red Wings/Stars hockey tickets for his wedding present (and a Red Wings jersey for Christmas) because he is a huge fan. So, we went to the game last Wednesday, and had a fantastic time. I had never been to a hockey game before, but I really enjoyed it. Our seats were fantastic and Blane took lots of pictures. I think he might put them on fb before too long.
Then, we went back to Quitman for a NYE party with some of his friends. Then, back to McKinney, and I started back to work yesterday. One more trip to Quitman for Blane's best friend's wedding this weekend and then we can slow down for awhile. (Well, except for me starting school again Monday). We are going to New Orleans for Blane's birthday in 3 weeks. His birthday isn't actually until the 10th of February, but it worked out better to go a few weeks before. You can't believe I'm putting it on my blog? Well, I know I am typically completely against giving presents early or telling someone what it is, but I couldn't figure out how to get Blane to the airport without telling him. So, I told him on our honeymoon. Plus, I was afraid he would make plans and that would just complicate it further. Now, we can plan and decide ahead of time what he wants to do and where he wants to eat!

Well, I guess you are caught up on my life. I will let you know, when I get my pictures!!!!!!!!

Have a great day.

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