Friday, May 20, 2011

I'm Irritated

Let me just clear the air real quick....this post is not about graduation, jobs, my MBA, or anything else related to the last 2 years of my life. I know, this is my first post since I graduated and you all expected this post to be about said graduation. I'm sure I will post about it, but this is not it.
This is about my irritation about our laundry situation. A few months ago, we got a note on our door explaining that when our apartment complex had opened they had purchased half of their washers and dryers and leased the other half. They would now be returning the leased machines and purchasing new ones for the rest of the units. We, evidentally, had leased machines. So, we were to "make sure we finished our laundry" beforehand and be prepared to wait a day or two in between the machines getting picked up and the new ones getting dropped off. Annoying, but not irritating. However, our new washer is smaller and is very loud. It does this squeaky spinny thing and can be heard in all parts of our small apartment. Not the worst part, though. The washer locks, meaning that we have to put in the soap and clothes, close the lid, and it locks and begins filling with water. This leads to soap getting on our clothes before it is dilluted. However, the new washer doesn't spin fast enough (or something) to get the soap off the clothes and doesn't spin fast enough to open the Downy ball with the fabric softener in it. So, we can no longer use fabric softener. We have to use dryer sheets. I HATE dryer sheets. It reminds me of the laundry machines in the dorms. Ultimately, we have to rewash at least 3 or 4 items from each load because they have soap spots all over them. It is ruining our clothes and taking uneeded extra time and I'm irritated. That's all.
Just one more reason I can't wait to move, and trust me, the list is long.

Thursday, May 5, 2011


As of 5 o'clock yesterday afternoon, I am finished with my MBA!!!!!!! Some parts of it flew by and others felt like it would NEVER end. This last Mod (for those of you who don't know, we did classes in 8 week sessions called Mods and I had 8 of them) was especially time consuming. However, Blane feels like the whole experience just flew by....
I would love to give you a long update, but I don't feel done yet. I'm still interviewing like crazy. Once I have the job situation nailed down, I will give you a nice post about what is going on with Team Gibson!