Sunday, December 18, 2011

Top 5

In honor of the 1st anniversary on Sunday, I am going to do a top 5 countdown of my favorite things about being married to Blane. I was going to do the 1 best thing about the last year because it's the 1st one, but I decided that was boring and I need to give the 7 people that actually read my blog a little more. Also, later this week look for pictures of the house at Christmas. Yes, I know that you still haven't even seen pictures of the house in its normal state. I have them. I wouldn't get my hopes up if I were you. But on the off chance that I actually get them posted before we move out of the house, you will be pleasantly surprised. No, we do not have any plans to move, but our lease will be up at the end of August. So, there's a chance. Anyway....drumroll please...........
#5 Blane not only understands my quirkiness but appreciates it. Quirkiness/OCD tomato tomahto. I am very aware that I am high strung. It isn't something I try to hide. Blane really gets it and whether he understands why I freaking out about having a real Christmas tree or not, he gets that it is really important to me and tries to accommodate me. It doesn't always happen (we have a 5' fake tree) but he does always try.
#4 we have a home that is ours. Yes, it is a rental, but it feels like home to us and that's what matters. We lived in a one bedroom apartment before moving to Conroe, and we were cramped and crowded. Moving into this house has been wonderful for us. We are comfortable and happy and love spending time at home. I am confident anywhere we live now we can make "home" for us.
#3 I get to come home to my best friend everyday.
#2 our relationship grows stronger all the time. I didn't really know if being married would change us very much because we had dated so long. It has though. Bottom line, I love being married to Blane.
#1 God made us for each other. I truly believe this. We balance each other almost perfectly. He is as laid back as I am high strung. And while this sometimes makes us clash, it usually makes us a better whole than 2 halves.

Well, 1 year down. Hopefully, 70+ more to go. Love you, husband.