Thursday, December 6, 2012

Changes are a happening

We just finalized our Christmas plans last night, and I finished shopping yesterday, which is really late compared to typical years. Why you ask? Or maybe you don't, but I'm going to tell you anyway. Well, we have had a crazy last few months. Blane's job is going very well, but he is extremely busy. We have only been getting to see each other a few days every 3-4 weeks. That's not nearly enough and it is wearing on us. So, we had been tossing the idea around of me finding a job to work from home and be able to go with him everywhere or asking to be home based in my current job. The idea was just in discussion phase with Blane and I. Then, out of nowhere, my company was sold. I found out on 10/24 and was leaving the next morning to go to Vegas for an 11 day work trip. (Where, by the way, they were announcing the sale). Also, I turned 27 while there. Blane was supposed to fly out the second weekend of my trip but last minute had to cancel for work. So, I took a red eye, flew all night to see him.
Sandy hit the East Coast, and Blane got sent to Washington D.C. to assess the damage. He was supposed to be home for a week for Thanksgiving but wasn't able to between juggling his work in D.C. and Louisville. Now, he is in New Jersey. He found out last Wednesday he was going and left Louisville the next morning. I checked flights for Friday (2 days after he found out where he was going) and they were really cheap. So, I booked an impromptu flight to Philly and spent the weekend with Blane in Philly/Jersey/NYC. It was a wonderful, short trip and very needed for both of us.
Anyway, that's a lot of background to tell you we are living kind of day-to-day. We make plans but they don't always work. Which is very hard for me. I am such an organized, OCD planner that basically not being able to plan is hard for me. That being said, Blane will be home in 12 days. He is flying in on our Anniversary!!!! We will get to spend our anniversary, Christmas, and NYE together. We could not be more excited.
So, what am I going to do now? Well, I'm not sure. I am in conversations with the company that purchased us about continuing with the company and working remotely.
Our lease is up in 2 1/2 months. So, we will be moving. We're not exactly sure where. The only thing that we have decided on for sure is that we have to find a way to live together. This long distance thing is for the birds.

It's the most wonderful time of the year....

For those of you who know me, (you don't even have to know me very well) you know I LOVE Christmas. Yes, I know most people say that, but really I LOVE it. I love the meaning, the decorations, and I especially like to give gifts.
I'm not sure if I told you the story last year, but we had a lot of drama over our tree last year. Tears were me of course. I purchased a very small (shorter than me) Christmas tree about 6 years ago. It was like $20 from Big Lots and wasn't meant to be a long term commitment. The first Christmas after we got married, was 7 days after the wedding. We were basically out of town the whole month of December. So, I didn't put up a tree, just a wreath. Last year I had zero intention of using the old tree. Do you know how expensive trees are?!? Well, I had just started my new job and Blane was still looking for his. Blane reasoned with me (it took a lot of reasoning) that we needed to use the tree just one more year. I eventually agreed, thinking that we could concentrate on decorating the rest of the house. In my mind, this included lights on the outside of the house. Growing up, we had clear lights on the house every single Christmas. Well, Blane did not and could not fathom why I would want him to climb on the roof and attach lights. More tears (still me). We finally agreed we would also put those off for a year too. Well, here we are at Christmas again. We are going to go 1 for 2 on the plans for last year. We did get a new tree. It is 7 1/2 feet, LED pre-lit, gorgeous tree. We will not have lights on the house. That's ok, though, because my husband is coming home!!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Our Life....6 months later

Well, what's happened in the last 6 months with us? Mostly more of the same. A couple highlights: We rescued 2 precious kittens (Cotton & Stash) and we grew a garden! The biggest highlight came about a month ago, though. Blane got a new job!!!! The upside is that he loves the job, he is good at what he is doing, and he is very happy with his coworkers and boss. The downside is the job requires for him to work out of town for months at a time. We are dealing with with and making the most out of the situation. It has been an adjustment, but for the most part, it is working out pretty well. Other best friend Mary Kathryn Eddy (nee Allen) is in her last year of nursing school!!!! She is having to spend the year apart from her husband, as well. So we are giving each other emotional support. She graduates on June 17, 2013 (watch the countdown) and I couldn't be more proud of her. The best part about her and her husband living apart for the next year is that he is now an official doctor at Baylor hospital in Dallas. She had one more year of school to finish up in Little Rock before she could make the move. I am so, so excited that she will be in Dallas next year! That is SO much closer to me in Houston. How is Houston, by the way?'s no Dallas. It's hot and humid and we don't love it. We do love the house we live in and as I mentioned (pics to come) we have a veggie garden in the back of our house. We also have a beautiful flower garden in the front. Unfortunately, the heat and blazing sun has scorched a few flowers. For the most part, though, it's thriving. Anyway, that pretty much catches you up. I promise to be much better about blogging.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

True Life: I'm addicted to straws

The bendy variety, if I get a choice. You would have to know my EXTREMELY well, to notice this about me, but I promise my husband, sister, and mother are dying laughing. At all times, I have a package of bendy straws in a drawer in our kitchen for my everyday use. I will not use a reusable water bottle unless it has a straw that pops up. I accidentally left my water bottle at the car dealership when I got my oil changed a few weeks back. I IMMEDIATELY ordered 2 more bottles of the type I like. In the mean time, however, I had to go on an 8 business trip. Although I did drink water during my trip, it was probably less than half of my normal amount. Never fear though, my new water bottles were waiting for me upon my return, and I am back to drinking massive amounts of water. Yes, I know, Mom, I shouldn't let a silly thing like a straw inhibit my water consumption. Well, I'm 26 and haven't decided to be an adult about the subject so the outlook isn't good.

That's all.

Monday, January 9, 2012

As Promised, Just a little late

Yes, I am aware that I promised pictures of the house decorated for Christmas a few weeks ago. Well, here you go. Enjoy. Yes, I know that they would make more sense if you knew what our house looks like on a normal day. Beggars and choosers my friends. 

Also, I didn't use grocery sacks to wrap our presents (as it might appear). I went with the "brown paper packages tied up with string" montage and really loved it. I bought brown kraft paper from Amazon. It's the type of paper that some Italian restaurants use as table cloths to write on with crayons. I saw this idea on Pinterest and fell in love, and me being me I researched and found the best and most economical way to buy the kraft paper. I ended up buying a 3000 sq. ft roll of paper from Amazon for around $50. Considering that a roll of Christmas paper from Hobby Lobby is about $10 for 100-300 sq. ft, I was pretty satisfied with my purchase. Also, I can use it for all kinds of things. Downside-it weighs 30 lb. so unrolling to wrap was a little touch-and-go. You can see the roll I bought below. You can also see in the next picture that instead of using gift tags this year, I stamped the recipient's name directly on the paper. To indicate the "from" I used the seal maker my mom got me last year for Christmas. It is hard to see in the pictures but it makes a sticker with "MGB" on it.