Wednesday, February 1, 2012

True Life: I'm addicted to straws

The bendy variety, if I get a choice. You would have to know my EXTREMELY well, to notice this about me, but I promise my husband, sister, and mother are dying laughing. At all times, I have a package of bendy straws in a drawer in our kitchen for my everyday use. I will not use a reusable water bottle unless it has a straw that pops up. I accidentally left my water bottle at the car dealership when I got my oil changed a few weeks back. I IMMEDIATELY ordered 2 more bottles of the type I like. In the mean time, however, I had to go on an 8 business trip. Although I did drink water during my trip, it was probably less than half of my normal amount. Never fear though, my new water bottles were waiting for me upon my return, and I am back to drinking massive amounts of water. Yes, I know, Mom, I shouldn't let a silly thing like a straw inhibit my water consumption. Well, I'm 26 and haven't decided to be an adult about the subject so the outlook isn't good.

That's all.