Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Our Life....6 months later

Well, what's happened in the last 6 months with us? Mostly more of the same. A couple highlights: We rescued 2 precious kittens (Cotton & Stash) and we grew a garden! The biggest highlight came about a month ago, though. Blane got a new job!!!! The upside is that he loves the job, he is good at what he is doing, and he is very happy with his coworkers and boss. The downside is the job requires for him to work out of town for months at a time. We are dealing with with and making the most out of the situation. It has been an adjustment, but for the most part, it is working out pretty well. Other news....my best friend Mary Kathryn Eddy (nee Allen) is in her last year of nursing school!!!! She is having to spend the year apart from her husband, as well. So we are giving each other emotional support. She graduates on June 17, 2013 (watch the countdown) and I couldn't be more proud of her. The best part about her and her husband living apart for the next year is that he is now an official doctor at Baylor hospital in Dallas. She had one more year of school to finish up in Little Rock before she could make the move. I am so, so excited that she will be in Dallas next year! That is SO much closer to me in Houston. How is Houston, by the way? Well...it's no Dallas. It's hot and humid and we don't love it. We do love the house we live in and as I mentioned (pics to come) we have a veggie garden in the back of our house. We also have a beautiful flower garden in the front. Unfortunately, the heat and blazing sun has scorched a few flowers. For the most part, though, it's thriving. Anyway, that pretty much catches you up. I promise to be much better about blogging.