Tuesday, July 9, 2013

things I forgot in the last post

I have a new job with a new company...not sure if I have mentioned this yet. So far, I think I'm going to love it. Also, the house we ended up finding is 1.5 miles from some friends from high school, Sean and Nicole Huddleston. It's neat because they didn't live in NWA the last time we did. They moved here for Sean's grad school after we had already moved to Texas. We have already been to a gathering at their house and we had them over for dinner Sunday. They don't live nearly as close as Adam and Lauren did (only 1 house in between us) but plenty close to get together regularly!
Random, I know but I realized I didn't mention either of these two awesome things in my last post.

We made it.

Well, we are moved in and unpacked. It is the greatest feeling. I can't even explain it. First of all, we haven't had a space to call our own in a few months. But more than that, Sunday was the first day in over A YEAR my husband didn't have anything in a suitcase. When we finished unpacking our clothes on Sunday, I stood in our house and looked around and cried. Blane hugged me and said that's what I do. Haha. I actually don't think I cry that much, but I would agree that I am incredibly emotional. I guess it just didn't hit me how awesome it is until we finished. This last year has been exceedingly hard and one of those things you just have to put your head down and power through. The moving process didn't go smoothly at all but I just chalked it up to being another thing we had to get through. And now that we are moved in (probably 95% we still have a few things and both sets of parents and we need to decorate, but come one guys I've already done laundry and filled our fridge and pantry...we live there) and are on the other side of it, I just feel so amazingly blessed. God has proved to me over the last year that I am truly strong, as is my husband and our marriage. Don't even think for a second, though, that I didn't cry and feel like I was falling apart. I promise, I did. You can ask Lauren. It is absolutely no secret that we didn't like Conroe...like at all. But Blane and I are always saying that it would have been unbearable without our friends, Adam and Lauren (and Connor of course)! We almost didn't even look at the house we ended up living in, and I thank God that we did, because had we not, I would not have had anyone who loved me close by while Blane was working out of state. I miss Lauren and her family. In fact, she has a 6 week old, Austin, that I haven't gotten the pleasure of meeting yet...needs to happen soon.
I know this blog post has kinda been all over the place but this sums it up....
Last year was hard. I missed my husband more than I'll ever be able to express. I love and appreciate him even more now. We are so happy to be in a home and settled again! 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

So here it is...

We're moving....again. To phrase that more accurately, we have moved. As in, yesterday. Where, you ask. Springdale, Arkansas. Here's a pic of the new house.
Big shout out to Blane and my mom for handling the actual move, because I was in St. Louis for a tradeshow. I am actually in the car on the way home right now. So, so excited for Blane and I to have a home again. That's really all for now.
Love you!

Rain check on the house pic. It won't upload.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Update....kind of

Where did the last 6 months go?
If you'll recall, I posted in December about our impending move. Well, we did move out of our house we were renting on February 28th. We haven't actually moved into a new place yet. We moved our stuff to storage, and we have basically been traveling the last 3 months. We've spent time with friends and family that we haven't been able to see much in the last few years. It has been great but challenging not to have our own space. Why haven't I been blogging? Well, we are still living day-to-day. Everyday is the same but different and it hasn't really inspired any blogs. 
Summary of what we have done since December:
  • 2nd anniversary-Blane surprised me with a beautiful necklace
  • Christmas-we spent time with both of our families
  • Blane got a new truck
  • NYE-it rained but we went to the theater to see Silver Linings Playbook
  • Blane turned 26
  • Valentine's day-beautiful vase of flowers
  • February 28th-last day of work with Blue Magic and at 10:30 pm we pulled out of our driveway with the uhaul full. (Literally a mile down the road I spilled cappuccino down the inside of the door of the new truck and threw my debit card in the trash at the convenience store)
  • March 9th-we helped Blane's brother's family move into their new house
  • March 29th-we helped my sister's family move into their new house
  • Easter-we spent with my moms family. We fried fish and boiled crawfish (I had strep throat)
  • 3 more crawfish boils in April (including one in Michigan in the snow)
  • 4 of our friends have had babies since February. We have gotten the privilege of meeting 3. Can't wait to meet Austin, Lauren! 
  • We have 4 more friends due this year, that we know of!
  • I've done quite a few interviews and we've both turned down a few jobs that weren't right for us
That pretty much sums up 2013 thus far for us! 
Look for more news coming soon (hopefully)!